Status of Highway 100 & Minnetonka Blvd. Exit (in Plain English)

Halfway There Here’s one way to report the status of the (partially) just opened Minnetonka Blvd. exit on Highway 100 in St. Louis Park: Open:  the northbound exit** and the northbound on-ramp; Still closed:  the southbound exit and the southbound on-ramp. If that’s too confusing — or you’re dyslexic, like me — try this instead:...
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When “Active” Doesn’t Really Mean “Active”: Displaying “Pending,” “Contingent on Inspection,” etc.

EdinaRealty.com, Now New & Improved One of the biggest frustrations for prospective home Buyers is finding a house for sale online that really . . . isn’t. That’s because the home already sold or, more commonly, is under contract but hasn’t yet closed. At the other extreme, there are also homes under contract that prospective Buyers...
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Symbolic City Seeding (One Hopes)

Road Repairs:  Are They Really Done? “There are two seasons in Minnesota:  winter, and road construction.” –old joke How do a couple hundred beleaguered Minneapolis homeowners near Cedar Lake — OK, me and my neighbors — know that the invading army of street repair, sewer, and gas contractors who’ve laid siege to the area since last...
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