stare decisis

Renaming Lake Calhoun “Lake Humphrey”

Uhh . . . You Might Want to Get a 2nd (Legal) Opinion There may be valid reasons to keep Lake Calhoun, “Lake Calhoun,” but I very much doubt that it’s because no one has the legal authority to change it: Last week, Minneapolis Park Board attorney Brian Rice issued an opinion saying the organization...
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More Pressure on Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Strapped Governments Look for “Honey Pots” “Because that’s where the money is.” –bank robber Willie Sutton, explaining why he targeted banksFor the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks, financially strapped governments (federal and state) inevitably are going to revisit the home mortgage interest deduction as they seek to close record deficits. (Also getting scrutiny: deductions...
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