risk aversion

’09 Stock Market Rally

Out of Treasuries, Into Stocks? “Obama Warns Trillion-Dollar Deficit Potential”—The New York Times (Jan. 7, 2009) “Suddenly, a Markets Turnaround”—The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 7, 2009) The stock market is famously forward-looking, so it’s certainly possible that the rally the last month or so — up 10% to 20% from its lows, depending on the...
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Insuring Against Dropping Prices

Want to Entice Home Buyers?Insure Them Against Losses Stock market investors who believe prices are low, but not certain they have bottomed, can hedge their bets by doing what is called “dollar cost averaging.” By committing fixed amounts of capital at regular intervals, they are guaranteed to accumulate relatively more stock when prices are cheapest....
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