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The Many Manifestations of The Golden Rule** in a Home Sale

Lots of Third Parties, Oversight Test your knowledge of residential real estate, and answer the following question: Which of the following have the power to force a home seller to make a repair prior to closing? A. The Buyer; B. The Buyer’s home insurance carrier; C. The local municipality; D. The Buyer’s lender. Answer:  all...
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“Possible Tear-down With Minimal Required City Repairs.” Huh??

City Inspections vs. Buyer Home Inspections “Needs extensive rehab or possible teardown. Not a bank-owned home. Very fast response to offers. Minimal T-I-H required repairs.” –MLS listing How can something be a possible tear-down, and yet have “minimal Truth-in-Housing (TIH) required repairs?” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Nope. As I tell my Buyer clients, the scope...
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