Name That MLS Status: “C-APPRE”

At Least, the “C” is Easy Even for a veteran Realtor like myself, it’s still possible to be thrown (at least occasionally) by an obscure real estate term. Case in point:  the MLS status “C-APPRE,” which popped up in the archive history of a Linden Hills home that my Buyer client is interested in. On a weekday,...
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The Case of the Missing Housing Inventory . . . Solved!?!

Structural, Not Psychological Explanation The years-long shortage of housing inventory has been a head-scratcher for many real estate experts (including this one). According to Econ 101, rising prices eventually elicit more supply, which cools off prices, which in turn reestablishes market equilibrium. Except that hasn’t happened the last few years. If anything, the shortage of...
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Calhoun Towers** in Southwest Minneapolis Gets a Makeover — and a New Neighbor (in 2018)

No More Penthouse Storage If ever there was an overlooked (if not long-neglected) commercial property in the Twin Cities, it was Calhoun Towers just northwest of Lake Calhoun in Southwest Minneapolis (note: the street address is 3430 List Place, but the locals commonly refer to it as “the high-rise behind Whole Foods”). Twenty-one stories tall with 360° views...
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How to Repel Buyers & Discourage Showings, or, “Four Strikes and You’re Out!”

Want to Sell Your House?  Don’t Do This “**Limited showing times** Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8 PM, Sat 12-6 and Sun 11 AM-2:30 PM. Agents to verify all info. Consult listing agent about closing date. Use Seller’s Disclosure Alternatives.  Subject to Seller completing a 1031 Exchange, Buyer agrees to cooperate.” –Agent Remarks, MLS Want to know...
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“Could have mother-in-law apt or air b&b” (sic) — Agent Remarks, MLS

Monetizing a Mother-in-Law Apartment (Maybe) Are Twin Cities homeowners renting out their homes and extra bedrooms on Airbnb? Undoubtedly. In their capacity as listing agent (representing the Seller), should Realtors be touting a home’s (short-term) rental potential? I’m not so sure. Municipal Zoning That’s because I have no idea what local zoning codes say about weekly or...
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How to Avoid Rental Vacancies in the Depths of Winter

The Direct Approach No landlord — especially in Minnesota — wants to deal with a vacancy when it’s 10° degrees outside (or -20° below). How do you prevent that? At least one property manager I know explicitly writes that into their rental lease. If the rental begins any time other than December, January, or February, the...
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