realtor turnover

How to Spot Bad Electricians — and Realtors — in Less Than 2 Seconds

The Business Card Test Well, the really bad ones  . . . are dead.” –Master electrician, explaining how consumers can tell the difference(s) between electricians. Fortunately, being bad at real estate sales isn’t life-threatening. Subpar Realtors simply tend not to make a living at it, and drop out. Perhaps that’s why something like 90% of...
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How to Pick a Realtor — Criterion #17

Fringe Benefits of Working With a Realtor in it for the Long Haul I doubt it makes many prospective clients’ list of hiring criteria. But it should. I’m thinking about Realtor longevity — specifically, how much longer the Realtor expects to be in the business. Realtor Attrition Why does that matter? Because something like 90%...
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