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Custom Tailors — and Realtors

So THAT’S Where “Hands On” Comes From . . . Which tailor would you rather buy a custom suit from? A tailor who makes perhaps a dozen suits in a year, handling each stage of the process — fitting, measuring, fabric selection, stitching — themselves? Or, a tailor who delegates to multiple assistants and whose...
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A "Team" of One

“What You See is What You Get” I’ve written previously about real estate teams (“Teaming Up“), and the pro’s and con’s. So it was interesting to me, during my most recent listing presentation (they hired me), to hear my now-client express a strong preference notto work with a(nother) real estate team. Their reason(s)? On their...
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One Sale . . every 5 hours?!?

WSJ/Real Trends Top 100 Agents Today’s Wall Street Journal is running a list that purports to rank the nation’s top 100 Realtors. Actually, it has four lists — hence the (slightly confusing) title, “Top 400 Sales Professionals.” The four categories are: 1. Top 100 Agents by transaction sides (representing either a Buyer or Seller)2. Top...
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