Slow Scanner: “Ahhh, So THAT’S What the Holdup Is!”

Smarter Printers Necessitate Better Security It turns out that it wasn’t just my imagination. About a month ago, what had ordinarily been a brief delay to scan and email documents suddenly became . . . much longer (in some cases, as long as 20 minutes). High Tech Swiss Army Knives The explanation? Today’s sophisticated, combination...
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Home Office Printer Problems: Persistence (& Stubbornness) Pay Off

“How About Standing on One Foot and Hopping?” I almost had to buy a new printer for my home office this week. Not because the old one broke (it was working fine). Not because I got a new PC and it was somehow incompatible (still using the same 4 year-old Mac). It turns out the reason...
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Taps for Eastman Kodak

What is the Opposite of “Plastic” (circa 1967)? It may be hard to believe if you’re under 50 years old (60?), but once upon a time, Eastman Kodak — along with other technology pioneers like Polaroid, Xerox, and Motorola — held the same place in the American corporate pantheon now occupied by such companies as Apple,...
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