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Real Estate Sales Law #1: “Unmotivated Stagers Make Unmotivated Sellers”

Staging Malfunctions, or, Seller Cold Feet Call it the real estate equivalent of a “wardrobe malfunction”: the staging appointment, made weeks (or months) earlier, finally arrives, and . . . the client just can’t go through with it. That just happened this week to a stager I regularly work with. Unfortunately, she had been planning...
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“Dumpster Chasers” Target Prospective Home Sellers

Not to Be Confused With “Dumpster Diving” “Dumpster diving” is when bargain hunters look for something salvageable (or edible — blechh!) in a dumpster. So, what’s “dumpster chasing?” When bargain hunters target the owner of the home behind the dumpster. Specifically, “dumpster chasers” solicit homeowners to find out if all that emptying out/updating is in anticipation of going...
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Staging Secret #17

“Pillow Top?”  Actually, More Like “Pillow Bottom” I wouldn’t rip up perfectly good carpet to do it, but . . . assuming the Seller is already planning on replacing especially worn or dirty carpeting, I would recommend splurging on a plush (read, thick) carpet pad to go with. Added cost:  a couple hundred bucks, max....
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“You Want Me to Paint WHAT?? WHERE?!?”

Cost-Effective (if Unorthodox) Home Prep It’s such standard real estate advice that it’s practically a cliché:  one of the best returns on investment for would-be Sellers about to put their home on the market is new paint and/or carpeting. Usually, though, that advice contemplates that the paint will go on the wall. In a Living...
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Savvy Staging Strategy #7

When it come to prepping a home for sale, things like new paint and carpet, refinishing hardwood floors, and new Kitchen cabinet hardware are deservedly popular — and cost-effective — updates. Here’s another, less-widely known one:  replacing dated fluorescent lighting (photo, above) with new, recessed lighting. At a cost of perhaps $150 per recessed can light, it’s...
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Home Sellers Who Cut Off Their Nose to Spite Their Face

Throwing Good Money After Bad?  Hardly It’s certainly a sympathetic — if not necessarily rational — stance on the part of a would-be Seller whose home is (still) worth less than they paid for it. Namely, since they’re going to lose money when they sell, psychologically, they don’t want to spend any more money prepping...
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