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Men’s Journal: Mpls. in Top 18 Coolest Towns

“Places Rated” Sweepstakes In acting, there are the Oscars, the Emmies, the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actors Guild awards — not to mention countless film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, etc.) each awarding its own equivalent of statuettes and blue ribbons. So, too, there is now a cottage industry of publications that rank the “best” places....
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The "Places-Rated" Sweepstakes

Money Magazine: Chanhassen #2 I don’t put much stock in the “Places Rated” literary genre. Like college rankings, which have become a full-blown industry, the various self-anointed “place raters” (Money Magazine, USA Today, etc.) are mostly interested in selling ads or books — and providing fodder for local chambers of commerce. Maybe that’s why the...
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