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Non-MLS in a Seller’s Market? Why??

“Shadow Listings” “Don’t be an undercover agent.” –Advice routinely given to new Realtors (i.e., let people know you sell homes) Here’s another explanation for the scarcity of local (Twin Cities) housing inventory, in what should be the busiest time of the year for new listings:  stuff’s for sale — but it’s non-MLS.  See also, “The...
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“Home For Sale” — But Not on MLS (Huh?!?)

Two Types of “Non-MLS” Listings Not every “For Sale” home is on MLS. That’s the case even if the home is being represented by a professional Realtor. Why would a homeowner who truly wants to sell not want to reach the broadest possible range of prospective Buyers (on MLS), and instead quietly market their home?...
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