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When Home Sellers Can — and Can’t — Continue to Allow Home Showings

Why Most Buyers Skip Seeing Homes Under Contract But Not Past Inspection For the benefit of home buyers, sellers, and at least a few Realtors, herewith is a key explaining when home showings are still allowed under various MLS statuses (abbreviations in parentheses): “Active” (“A”):   showings allowed (the more, the better!). “Active, Subject to Inspection” (“A,i”):  depends...
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When Should Home Buyers Stop “Playing the Field?”

“Sold, Subject to Inspection” (the House, Not the Fiancé) “Seller shall/shall not have the right to continue to show property.” –Inspection Addendum Once someone is engaged to be married, should they suspend their dating service membership? Most people would unhesitatingly say “yes.” The bride and groom-to-be have made commitments to one another, and continuing to...
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When is a Lease a “Done Deal?”

“Sold Rented, No More Showings” When is a rental property officially “spoken for,” and therefore off the market? A.  When the prospective tenant signs the lease. B. When the landlord deposits their security deposit and first rent check. C. When the landlord completes the tenant’s background check, including credit history. D. When the tenant moves in. Answer: ...
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