NFL draft

Movie Review: ‘Draft Day’

What’s on the Crumpled Green Post-It Note?? With all the cameo’s and NFL game footage, it’s hard to tell where the fictional “Draft Day” ends and the (just-concluded) real Draft Day begins. Suffice to say that the multiple plot lines are reasonably suspenseful, and the movie is a fun way to spend two hours —...
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U.S. Presidents & NFL Football Players

Obama: More Like Kevin Garnett — or Kwame Brown (Kwame who??) [Editor’s Note:  this post originally ran a year ago, right after the 2010 NFL draft.   The day after the start of the 2011 draft, it still seems topical — plus, I’m too swamped to otherwise post right now.   And yes, I saw that Auburn QB Cam Newton went first,...
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