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“Houston, We Have a (Closing) Problem”: a Saga of an Encroachment, a Blown Closing, and — Eventually — a Happy Ending

When One Word (“PROPOSED House”) Looms Large Test your knowledge of encroachment issues, and see if you can detect a problem in the photo above. Give up? The northeast corner of the home on the pie-shaped lot clearly encroaches on the lot immediately to the east. Make that, the lot underneath the Minnetonka home my...
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Low Appraisal Double Jeopardy

Sticking With the Bird in the Hand The reason that Buyers and Sellers typically renegotiate the price when a home appraises low is that the Seller has no guaranty that . . . it won’t happen again. Either with the same Buyer, and another lender. Or, if they scuttle the deal, with another Buyer and...
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