New Deal

Exactly What’s So “Revolutionary” About Free Public College??

Forget a New New Deal; We Need a New GI Bill Bernie Sanders may be calling for a “revolution” (“Revolution?”), but there’s nothing radical about free (or at least affordable) public college education. That was effectively the norm in this country for over half a century, spanning from after World War II until just the last...
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21st Century Feudalism: A Glimpse

“Nice . . . uh, Gig?!?” In 1998, I was gleaning the want ads and found a position for a Private Chef for a family…. I am presently one of 9 employees who work at their house. The place is huge and it is just the 2 of them. I cook dinner only 6 days...
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"The Plot Against America" Redux

Schwarzman’s “Nazi’s” Comparison We have met the enemy, and he is . . . us. –Pogo Stephen Schwarzman, a Wall Street honcho, made headlines last month for comparing President Obama’s proposal to raise (the absurdly low) tax rates on hedge fund compensation — called “carried interest” — to Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Funny, I had...
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