Revisiting That Stuck-Shut Living Room Window, Six Months Later

Who Says Nature Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor?? Very few home problems that I’m aware of benefit from benign neglect. So, as both a homeowner and long-time Realtor, I’d strongly advise against ignoring that leaky roof, warm-to-the-touch electric service panel, or ice dam. Fortunately, there’s at least one exception to that rule: the casement...
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Doing a Walk-Thru Inspection of a Tear-Down . . . Why Exactly??

Human vs. Wildlife Squatters Why do a walk-thru inspection of a (very) vacant Minnetonka home that the Buyer intends to tear down after closing? After all, the primary purpose(s) of a walk-thru — usually done within 48 hours of closing — is to make sure there have been no material changes in the home’s condition...
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Seller Liability for Buyer Neglect

Property Liens vs. Personal Debt Yesterday’s post discussed the aftermath of a home sale when the new owner is AWOL. Today’s discusses the former owner’s potential liability, post-closing, for any issues that result. First, a mea culpa:  while my visit to Hennepin County yesterday initially resulted in — shall we say — some “wheel spinning,”...
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