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“Congress Should be Able to Work Remotely” (I said, almost 30(!) years ago)

“Better Late Than Never” Dept. “Congress, Come Home: Faxes Can Do the Talking on Capitol Hill”** –Ross Kaplan, Star Tribune Op-Ed page (1993). OK, so I got the part about faxes wrong: today’s technology, including Zoom, FaceTime, and streaming video, positively blows away fax machines. And, I didn’t anticipate the health and safety reason (i.e.,...
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Needed: More Reluctant Politicians

“Natural Term Limits,” or, Why Only Shy People Should be Allowed to Go Into Politics So, it appears that sweeping term limits — which I’ve been a big fan of well before another Ross (Perot) pushed the idea in 1992 — aren’t going to happen any time soon (I wonder why??). Here’s a good consolation...
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