The Seller Who Owned Their House For < 2 Hours (110 minutes, to be exact) Before Going Back on the Market

Resale Mystery Amongst the new Twin Cities listings debuting on MLS today, this Minneapolis home caught my eye: 5/31/17 (1:03 p.m.):  Closed 5/31/17 (2:53 p.m.):  Active Why would someone buy a home — in multiple offers, no less — than immediately put it back on the market? No, it’s not a flip:  the Seller paid $330k, and...
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Basement Flood Mystery . . . Solved!

Hitting Too Close to Home When you discover 1″ of standing water in much of your basement (as I did this morning), your first impulse — after uttering the obligatory “#$!%@!” — is to shut off the water to the house, then look for whatever pipe burst overnight. Nada. I then checked the main sewer...
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