Dispatch from Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh

When you’re Jewish, the proverbial “six degrees of separation” seldom apply. In reality, it’s often two degrees, or even one. The missive below is from my wife’s best friend growing up (and still one of her closest friends), who lives in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, down the block from where 11 Jews were murdered in...
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Buyers Who “Sit Shiva”** for a Cancelled Deal — That THEY Cancelled (Huh?!?)

Mourning the Loss of a House: not “The One,” after all Just because no one died, doesn’t mean that home Buyers who feel compelled to cancel a deal — typically in the wake of a (very) bad inspection — aren’t disappointed. In fact, depending on how excited the Buyer was about the home in question, how...
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“Sorry for Your Loss . . . Can I Sell Your House?!?”

Sleazy Realtor Ads, or, “Sorry, But Not THAT Sorry” According to my Realtor grapevine, at least a few Twin Cities homeowners are being solicited — immediately after the death of a loved one — by, to put it mildly . . . aggressive Realtors seeking their business. The apparent source of the lead? Government death certificates, published...
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