Morgan Clawson

Exceptional Property . . . Exceptional Turnout

3920 Thomas Ave. South in Minneapolis’ Linden Hills Neighborhood One of the best signs for a “For Sale” home is a well-attended Broker Tour (an open house for Realtors, held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Tuesday in the Twin Cities). What’s another? When a just-completed new home — in this case, Morgan Clawson’s listing on...
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Kindred (Car) Spirits

Vanity License Plates — Realtor Edition Espying a similar vanity license plate in the St. Louis Park Target parking lot this am, I made a quick connection with Chicago area Realtor Craig Caffarello. It turns out I’m too late to generate some referral business:  Craig and his wife — who’s from the Twin Cities —...
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