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Things That Cost About $100 a Month: Cable TV, Cellphones, Leased Cars (Leased Cars??)

“Lease a Dodge Dart for $129 a Month!” OK, so maybe I’m not reading the fine print. And, I realize that things like tax, license and registration can add another $1,500 or $2,000 to the cost of the car — not to mention ownership expenses like insurance, gas, and maintenance. But, as Labor Day Weekend approaches, it’s...
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“Amount Due: $176.49”

Household Economics, Circa 2011 So that amount, $176.49 is my monthly car payment, right? Try, my July cell phone bill. Make that my family’s July cell phone bill. That’s what it cost for three lines with unlimited minutes and data; insurance on 3 devices (4 when son #2 is old enough); and the cost for a “hotspot”...
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