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Money Magazine’s Advice to Home Buyers: How Accurate?

At Least One Bullseye:  “Hire a Good Realtor” Money Magazine is out with its 2016 Spring Real Estate Guide, subtitled “The 35 Best Moves for Buyers, Sellers, and Owners Now.” Do the authors know what they’re talking about? Here’s the magazine’s advice for first-time Buyers (“Starting Out”), followed by my running commentary in italics: Money Magazine:...
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Money’s "Best Places to Live"

Twin Cities’ Embarrassment of Riches Money Magazine’s most recent “America’s Best Places to Live” issue is out, and Minnesota (again) is prominently represented. No fewer than five Minnesota cities made Money’s “Top 20,” including Eden Prairie, the grand prize winner. Two more cities — Chanhassan and Maple Grove — could have easily been added as...
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The "Places-Rated" Sweepstakes

Money Magazine: Chanhassen #2 I don’t put much stock in the “Places Rated” literary genre. Like college rankings, which have become a full-blown industry, the various self-anointed “place raters” (Money Magazine, USA Today, etc.) are mostly interested in selling ads or books — and providing fodder for local chambers of commerce. Maybe that’s why the...
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