MLS Withhold

“Why is There a ‘Seller Withhold’ But Not a ‘Buyer Withhold?'”

That’s actually a pretty good question — posed by a newer agent at recent Edina Realty – City Lakes office meeting. A signed MLS “Seller Withhold,” of course, is what most veteran listing agents procure at the same time the owner officially hires them to sell their home. That allows the agent the time they...
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“Coming Soon”: How Good Pre-List Marketing Distorts “Days on Market”

Market Exposure > Days on Market; When 1 Week on the Market ≠ 1 Week on the Market I’m a big fan of aggressive, pre-list marketing. One of the easiest (and cheapest!) methods, especially for a home in a high-profile, high-demand location:  install the “For Sale” sign early, and attach a “Coming Soon” rider (note:...
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Coming in 1 Week! 3911 24th St. by Cedar Lake

“10 . . 9 . . 8 . . 7 . . 6,” or, Killing Two Birds With One (Marketing) Stone It’s a high-quality problem to have, as they say:  every time my client would go to their long-time family home to pack up, empty things out, etc., neighbors and even passersby headed to/from nearby Cedar...
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