MLS foreclosure

Parsing, “Offers Will be Submitted Upon Receipt”

First Come, First Served? Maybe “Owner-occupied offers only through 10/10/2013.  Offers will be submitted upon receipt.” –Excerpt, “Agent Remarks” on MLS foreclosure listing Why is the listing agent reassuring Buyers’ agents (the only ones who can see “Agent Remarks” on MLS) that “offers will be submitted upon receipt?” And exactly what do they mean by...
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FSBO Mistake #37

Commission Saved:  $8,000 Hit to Sales Price:  $20,000 In FSBO Mistake #4, I chronicled the case of the hapless For Sale By Owner (“FSBO”) in Golden Valley who wasted their first — and best — month of market exposure incorrectly classified as a “Foreclosure” on MLS. Hit to their bottom line? I’d estimate 3% to 5%....
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Review: Foreclosures on Google Maps

Not Ready For Prime Time I just spent 20 minutes or so checking out foreclosures on Google Maps. My conclusion? It’s hard to escape the feeling you are an unwitting beta tester (guinea pig) — plus, it’s apparent that Google’s real aim is use limited free data to goose subscriptions (translation: Google’s business model is...
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