Now, THAT’S a Holiday Party!!

Date of Party, Per Invite: “December 5th-6th” You know someone’s planning a BIG party when the invite actually straddles two calendar dates. Fortunately (unfortunately?), Edina Realty – City Lakes’ 2018 Holiday Party is “only” on December 5. The explanation? The invite gives the time and date as “December 5th-6 TO 9 p.m.,” and I misread...
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Was That “Beer Run” or “Deer Run??”

Blast email:  “Buyer Need — Deer Run, Victoria” I couldn’t figure out why an Edina Realty office manager was broadcasting — via email to 2,100+ Edina agents this week — what initially looked like “Buyer Need — Beer Run.” Then I re-read the email; it actually said, “Buyer Need — Deer Run, Victoria.” My bad (good?) ....
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