Four Flavors of FBSO’s: “Classic,” “Classic – Lite,” etc.

Saving 2.7% of $0 Contrary to popular perception, not all “For Sale by Owner” homes (“FBO’s”) are created equal. Perhaps the biggest misconception is that FSBO sellers are trying to avoid paying any commission. Wrong. The vast majority are only trying to save half a commission — specifically, the portion payable to the agent representing...
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January 2014 Housing Headlines TODAY

“Why Isn’t My House Selling If the Market’s So Hot?!?” If you estimate — as most Realtors do — that the mainstream media (“MSM”) lags the housing market by 3-4 months, what do you suppose the real estate headline(s) will be in early 2014? That Buyers have become scarcer and more cautious. That’s particularly the...
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