Minnesota state fair

The Opposite of “Make Hay While the Sun Shines”

Pre-Labor Day Weekend Housing Market Slow-Down One other variable that can be very relevant for homeowners deciding whether to list now or wait till after the market picks up, post-Labor Day weekend:  the availability — or lack thereof — of any needed contractors. The list includes photographers, handymen, and assorted contractors (stagers, painters, electricians, etc.)...
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Parking Lot “Cinderella”

Coming to Life 2 Weeks a Year Talk about a dramatic contrast! Every late August, the empty parking lot above (looking west) magically transforms into the Minnesota State Fair midway (below). (I was in the area, and couldn’t resist driving through the now-empty fairgrounds). Note the smokestack in the center of the photo below WAY...
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State Fair Inflation

Same Price . . . For Less?? At first glance, prices at the 2011 Minnesota state fair appear unchanged:  the sign at the cheese curds stand says “Still $5!,” and tickets on the midway are the same as last year, 75¢ apiece. The catch? The cheese curds container got smaller (at least to my eye),...
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In Vogue: ‘Euro’

MN State Fair Dispatches “Euro,” the currency, may be distinctly out of favor, but “Euro,” the word, is very much in vogue. Where? At this year’s Minnesota state fair. Half the kiddie rides seemed to use it as an adjective, as in “the Euro Bobble,” “the Euro Jump,” etc., etc. How . . . exotic...
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