Minnesota radon

Home Radon Test “True or False”

Outsource vs. Do-It-Yourself; Racing the Inspection Clock (or Not) True or false:  the $10 home radon tests sold at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) are less reliable than the $200+ tests performed by professional home inspectors (note:  the do-it-yourself kits also charge a $35 lab fee for normal processing turnaround, for a total...
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Is Low Radon a Sales Feature?

Marketing Theory:  Absence of a Negative = a Positive Although Minnesota has been ramping up its radon disclosure requirements for several years now, it wasn’t until last week that I actually saw a (new) radon remediation system touted in an MLS listing. I think there’s a good reason for that — “that” being no other...
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Testing for Radon 2013

Star Trib:  ‘More Than 40% of Minnesota Homes That Tested for Radon Had Elevated Levels’ “Finding elevated levels of radon is becoming less of a surprise, but it’s still generally a surprise.  ‘Can’t see it, can’t smell it, can’t taste it.'” –Pat Brennan, radon remediation contractor; “State is a Radon Hotbed” (Star Tribune 2/10/2013). Not...
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