Minnesota largest garage

“Never Mind the House — What About the Garage??”

The Minnesota Home With a 16-Car, Heated Garage OK, so the garage pictured above isn’t in Minnesota, and, technically, it’s not even a garage: it’s a “car museum,” located on an 80 acre estate outside of Denver that’s owned by a retired race car driver. Capacity? Over one hundred cars! The price tag for the...
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20(!) Car Garage (House Included)

“Would You Like Some Fries With That Ketchup?” — Housing Edition $1.5M Mediterranean villa on the Mississippi is car lover’s dream home. —Star Tribune (June 25, 2018). It turns out that a five-car garage — like the one featured in today’s Star Tribune — is hardly the Twin Cities’ biggest. Perusing MLS transactions the last 3...
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