Minneapolis weather

Denver Wins (the “Volatile Weather Award”)

+70 Degree Drop in 24 Hours Even for winter-hardened Minnesotans, a 70° degree(!) change in temps — from 82° to 11° — in scarcely 24 hours would be whiplash-inducing. Yet, that’s exactly what Denver just experienced. Unfortunately, Minnesota (and especially the Dakotas) hardly catch a pass on the scary system: it’s headed this way ....
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I Know Why That Upper Lip is Stiff (It’s Frozen!)

Stoic Minnesotans, Mid-Fall 2018 Edition What do Minnesotans say when overnight low’s — in mid-November! — drop into the single digits? (never mind that the windchill Friday night was below zero). No, not “OMG, it’s #@%$# cold!!” Try, “It’s getting kinda  . . . chilly out there” (yup, “chilly”). That’s it. If that seems crazy to...
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Twin Cities Staycation: Streak of 60’s in February!

Enjoying a Kansas City Winter . . . in Minneapolis What does it feel like when normally frigid February temps are instead in the 60’s? Not just once, but a couple days in a row!?! It’s like a collective mid-winter “staycation” for the metro area’s 3 million inhabitants. New Normal? Growing up, whenever my Kansas...
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11/3/15: Los Angeles — 65 Degrees; Minneapolis — 70 Degrees

Welcome Winter Reprieve I don’t expect to repeat this post next month or even next week, but here goes:  if you want a respite from cool, overcast weather in Southern California . . . come to balmy Minneapolis.  Just hurry.   😉 See also, “Winter Humor:  Minnesota vs. Miami (& Elsewhere)“; and “True Minnesotan, Defined.”
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