Minneapolis for sale home

The $394,727.89 House (Huh?!?)

Consumer Psychology and the Too-Precise Price When you see an oddly-priced “For Sale” home, there are two possible explanations (at least in my experience selling residential real estate): One. Drawing Attention. The way to stand out** from homes listed at $389,900, $399,900, etc. is to price at $398,731 or some such (I haven’t seen a home...
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94 Lakefront Homes in Twin Cities from $289.9k to $14.895 Million(!) (See Above & Below)

Almost 1,000(!) Twin Cities Lakes OK, so a home on Minneapolis’ tony Lake of the Isles is going to cost a teensy bit more than one on say, Grass Lake in South Minneapolis (never mind the property taxes). 🙂 But, with 13 lakes within its borders, Minneapolis offers a range of lakefront homes, both style-wise...
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MLS Agent Remarks: “Fully Licensed Chicken Coop Can Stay or Go!”

“Cock a Doodle Doo Don’t!” Nope, that “For Sale” home isn’t in the sticks somewhere, miles from the nearest neighbors. It’s less than 2 blocks southeast of Minneapolis’ Lake Harriet, in a neighborhood where homes fetch from $500k to triple that (at least) on the lake (this one’s listed for $525k). My Realtor understanding is...
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