lying home sellers

Puffing vs. Lying

Subjective vs. Objective See if you can spot the difference between the following, two groups of statements: Group 1: “The prettiest house on the block!”; “character-filled”; “one of Southwest Minneapolis’ most desirable neighborhoods” Group 2: “2,650 finished square feet”; “1 1/2 story bungalow”; “4 BR/3BA” If you can’t tell, the first group consists of subjective...
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Homes as Meth Labs

Balancing Home Disclosure GoalsToday’s New York Times has a tragic story detailing the various health (and financial) calamities that befell one Tennessee family after they unwittingly bought a home that had formerly been used as a meth lab. As recent Minnesota home buyers and sellers can attest, Minnesota requires Sellers to disclose whether their home...
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