low tech

Home Security: Back to the Future (No Monthly Subscription Required)

A Win For the Luddites (or, ARE They??) What if there was a home security system that had all of the following virtues: it was simple and easy-to-use; (very) cheap; crash-proof; hack-proof; and never needed a software patch, update, or monthly subscription? (see, “very cheap”). Fortunately, there is. Give up? It’s called, “a key” (or,...
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Smart Homes: Not So Smart?

The Virtue of a Simple On-Off Switch — and Manual Toothbrushes “Homes already have interfaces that are remarkably robust. Imagine, for example, how revolutionary the light switch would seem if until now we’d all been forced to control our lights through our smartphones.” –“Why I’m Not in a Hurry For a ‘Smart Home'”; The Wall...
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Has the Internet Peaked?

Old-Fashioned TechnologyMakes Real Estate Comeback “Nobody goes to that restaurant anymore. It’s too crowded.”–Yogi Berra Yogi Berra could easily say the same things about the Internet today, especially with respect to real estate. Consider: –Online photos are now routinely so overly-flattering, you literally don’t recognize the home when you’re standing in it. –Facebook and MySpace...
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