low housing inventory

Offering a Bounty for Pre-List Leads

(Still) More Evidence of Tight Supply “Buyer’s agent will pay a 15% referral fee to anyone who gives an address for a potential listing that leads to a sale.” –email pitch (April 2, 2013) How tight is housing supply in the Twin Cities at the moment? Tight enough that at least one Buyer’s agent (above) is resorting...
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“The Fussy Buyer Feedback Effect”

Where’s the Beef Inventory? In a post last month titled, “Inventory Glut?  Not in These Twin Cities Neighborhoods,” I related the surprising (and growing) lament amongst would-be Buyers and Buyers’ agents scouring various high-demand, local neighborhoods, only to find slim (or no) pickings. What accounts for that? Part of the explanation is that this year’s...
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