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Helpful Comp . . . But Is It Too Late?

Appraisal Reconsideration “True”or “False” Consider the following scenario, then answer “Yes” or “No”: An appraisal on a recent home sale comes in low. The next week, a (very) similar home that had been “Pending” at the time the appraisal was done subsequently closes . . . . for well above asking price. Can the closed...
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The WAY Out-of-Town(?) Home Appraiser

Area Code 612 vs. 619 Listing agents — at least ones who want their deals to close smoothly and on time — now routinely meet Appraisers at the home.*  See, “An Ounce of (Real Estate) Prevention.” Their goal? To make sure the Appraiser has all the info they need to support the home’s sale price....
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