long weekend

The Perfectly Timed Long Weekend — Home Seller Edition

How Sellers Can Avoid Wear & Tear From Buyer Showings, or, “The 96 Hour Listing” Not every new-to-market home seller has such an accommodating schedule — or a home positioned to sell so fast. But, for those who do, the following timetable is next to ideal: Thursday a.m.:  debut house on MLS. Thursday afternoon:  leave town...
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“Fourth of July Flu”

(Or Perhaps “6th of July”) It could just be my imagination, but there appears to be an especially contagious (if not virulent) strain of what I’ll call “4th of July flu” going around this year. Here’s a quick description: Onset:  Sunday night or Monday morning following a long holiday weekend. Symptoms:  exaggerated hacking, raspy voice (at...
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