“Nearby Eggs, Inc.” (vs. “Faraway Eggs?”)

How Close to Minnesota is Pennsylvania? Take it from someone whose license plate reads, “MY RLTR” (as in, “There goes my Realtor!”) — I know a clever marketing slogan when I see one. Still, you’ve got to wonder if a company named “Nearby Eggs” isn’t pushing the principle a tad too, umm . . . far, in...
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That’s it for 2009!

Just to go out on a high note, here are a couple of the 2009 developments that I think are huge positives (some already remarked on, some not): –Improved racial comity in the U.S. (the biggest development of the year — if not decade);–Spread of Instant Run-off Voting (also known as “Ranked Choice Voting”). In...
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