line of scrimmage

"Hut. Hut. Hut."

Quarterbacks, Football and Otherwise “5897.” “T-Y-R” “927-5201 “ “525-8800” “377.” Brett Favre at the line of scrimmage? Try, the listing agent (me) imparting to the Buyer the various house codes and contact information at the closing (my client, the Seller, was out-of-town, and had pre-signed). Those numbers and codes (not the real numbers) correspond to:...
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Football, Baseball & Real Estate Metaphors

Multiple Lines of Scrimmage In football you wear a helmetIn baseball you wear a cap.In football you receive a penalty.In baseball you make an error.In football, you invade enemy territory.In baseball, the object is to go home. –George Carlin, “Baseball vs. Football” I don’t know about other Realtors, but to me managing a busy real...
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