The Last School Shooting

Honoring the Parkland Dead:  3 Steps to Ending Gun Violence in America “I’m calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” –President Donald J. Trump (December 7, 2015). If it makes sense to “totally and completely shut...
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Let’s Hear it For Weak Leaders!

This exchange, between blogger Barry Ritholtz and renowned investor Felix Zulauf, caught my eye: Ritholtz: In the US, we only have politicians who tell people what they want to hear, and very few who say “Here’s some medicine, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but you got to suck it up because the alternative is far...
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"10 . . 9 . . 8 . . 7 . . "

George Bush’s Role inToday’s Economic Car Crash Everyday Americans — if not historians — are likely to remember George W. Bush as the President who crashed the family car (the economy). However, it would be too easy to simply lay it all on #43 and move on (or try to — right now we’re all...
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Obama’s Forebears

Obama’s Forebears: FDR, Lincoln . . . Gorbachev??Talk about anticipation: political pundits are already engaged in a spirited debate about which historical leader faced circumstances most closely paralleling the financial crisis now confronting President-elect Obama. The most obvious candidate is FDR, and the broken economy he inherited in early 1933. Now like then, the economy...
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