“What Would Mick Jagger Do?” (with a free afternoon in the Twin Cities)

East Coast Blizzard Creates Accidental Twin Cities Tourists Thanks to the East Coast blizzard, our New York City visitors found themselves with an extra day (yesterday) in the Twin Cities. While coming up with activities in Summer is easy (Sculpture Garden, walk around the Lakes, Stone Arch Bridge, biking the Midtown Greenway, State Fair in...
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Free Flocking

You Say “Polar Vortex,” I Say “Arctic Front” It’s been a mild enough, blissfully snow-free Winter in the Twin Cities (at least so far) that overnight dustings — like last night’s — still seem novel if not a bit magical. The photo above shows one of the many picturesque bridges over the Minnehaha Creek, which...
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Mid-January Bump in Housing Inventory: Return of the TNAS’s*

New Listing — Or Is It?? Would-be home Sellers who pulled their listing over the holidays typically wait for two things:  1) for the post-holiday period to pass, usually a few weeks into the New Year; and 2) mild weather (defined as mid-teen’s or higher in Minnesota in January). The last few days qualify, which...
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Mind over Matter (and Weather)

January Mosquitoes If you’re going to live in Minnesota in January, it helps to have a positive attitude. Best line I heard today was from an “old-timer” — or the PC equivalent, “senior citizen-plus” — that I crossed paths with going into Home Depot (too early) this morning: ‘not too many mosquitoes out today,’ he...
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Latest "Pending" Home Sales

January Numbers: Down 7.7% According to the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”), pending home sales fell 7.7% in January. A home sale is considered “Pending” once the inspection contingency is removed, but before the Buyer’s financing is finalized and the title is transferred at closing. In a typical deal locally, the interval between a “Pending”...
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