AirPad, iPod, iPad?? “A-a-r-g-h!!”

“D-a-a-A-A-D´. . . it’s Really Not That Difficult.” Oh, Yeah?!? It’s never a good sign when you need  a diagram to make sense of something. In my case, having cleverly devised the bright, yellow grid (above) to crack Apple’s perplexing (to me**) code . . . I was feeling rather proud of myself.  That is,...
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“Please Take Off Shoes” Sign Goes High Tech (sort of)

Don’t Trip on the $500(?) iPad on the Floor! (or is it??) I did see it in the foyer of a swanky, $1 million home in Minnetonka. But, that’s not an iPad (or tablet computer) on the floor, instructing Sunday Open House visitors to please remove their shoes. The hosting agent assured me that it...
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High Tech Hand-Me-Downs

Once upon a time, “hand-me-down’s” invariably meant clothes or toys. Today, with more technology devices, evolving faster and faster, “hand-me-down” as often as not refers to technology. So, in my family, an older iPod will go from an older child to a younger one; I will get the “latest-and-greatest” smart phone and a year later...
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"i.everything?" "i.world?" i.giveup

Gadget Overload If you’re over 50, somewhat technology-conversant, but definitely not a first (or even second) adopter, what do you call Apple’s proliferating galaxy of electronic gadgets (“iphone,” “ipad,” “itouch,” etc.)? My brother-in-law’s catch-term is “i.whatever.”
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Eye Patch — or iPatch?

“‘i’ on the Brain,” or, Apple’s Next Market?My daughter needs to wear an eye patch a few hours a day — which means one of my (or my wife’s) tasks before school is to her her find and put it on. Maybe it’s just because we’ve recently popped for an iTouch, iPod, innumerable iTunes, etc.,...
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