June 5, 2021: Minneapolis Forecast to Reach 102º 

  Hotter Than Hades Phoenix This Weekend in the Twin Cities OK, so the mercury in Minneapolis later today is forecast to “only” reach 102º, vs. 104° in Phoenix. However, once you factor in the relative humidity — 50% locally vs. around 10% in Phoenix — the Twin Cities will actually feel several degrees warmer. Giving...
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Revisiting That Stuck-Shut Living Room Window, Six Months Later

Who Says Nature Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor?? Very few home problems that I’m aware of benefit from benign neglect. So, as both a homeowner and long-time Realtor, I’d strongly advise against ignoring that leaky roof, warm-to-the-touch electric service panel, or ice dam. Fortunately, there’s at least one exception to that rule: the casement...
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