“Days on Market at Most Recent List Price” (Now Also Known as “PDOM”)

Difference Without a Distinction? The most recent MLS tweak is a change to how market time is reported. Previously, the acronym was “CDOM,” for Cumulative Days on Market; it reflected how long a given property was on the market since listing. Shouldn’t That Be “DOMP??” MLS still shows “CDOM,” but now it also displays something...
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Revisiting Hoover

Financial Earthquake Likely toAlter Presidential Reputations[Dear Regular Readers: Sorry for the extended detour into macroeconomics, politics, etc. This blog’s regular focus on Twin Cities real estate — in the words of the public service address accompanying TV interruptions — “will resume shortly . . . Please stand by.”] I certainly don’t believe that history will...
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George W. Bush: The L-O-N-G Wait for Redemption

Is Bush’s Leadership Like Wagner’s Music? “Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.”–AnonymousIs George W. Bush’s Presidency more successful than most Americans (80%) think right now? Will history vindicate Bush, like it did Harry Truman? I doubt it. Harry Truman didn’t leave office with a PR blitz of interviews arguing that history would redeem his...
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