Hennepin County tax record

Sizzling Housing Market Sign #27: “Dear Homeowner” Texts & Emails

Now, THAT’S What I Call Doing Your Legwork Hello, this is Stuart, a private home buyer interested in 42XX 18th Ave. South in Minneapolis. I can put together a buying agreement. Call me at a time that suits.” –Text on my cellphone (2/15/2021). What’s so unusual about the overture (above) that I received this morning?...
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“Year Built: 1900”

Ever wonder why — according to Hennepin County tax records — so many properties were built in 1900? No, that wasn’t the peak of a construction boom. The answer:  county records don’t go back any further. So, any property built before then is simply coded as “1900.” In practice, it’s possible to guess the structure’s...
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