Gross Domestic Product

The OTHER Use For Feb. 2015 Global Warming Map: The Case for (Finally) Capturing Economic “Externalities”

Second Home Selector, or “Hello, Palm Springs!” That’s not just a map (above) of how much February, 2015 global temperatures departed from global averages the last 30 years. If you live in Minnesota, it’s a 2nd home (or winter vacation) selector. So, if your principal residence is in a purple area experiencing temps -5º below...
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Is Shiller Right About Trills, GDP?

The Search for New Currencies Although G.D.P. numbers still aren’t perfect ” they are subject to periodic revisions, for example ” the basic problem has been largely solved. –Robert Shiller, “A Way to Share in a Nation’s Growth“; The New York Times (12/26/2009) In a piece in today’s New York Times, Robert Shiller — that...
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