free lunch

Free Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry’s!

  No Free Lunch — But Free Ice Cream (at least for one day) Given the long (and growing) line at the nearby Ben & Jerry’s around 12:30 p.m. today, I thought it was a good idea to get my free ice cream before blogging about it. Mission accomplished (as of about 10 minutes ago)....
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No Free Lunch — But Free Drinks!

Passengers:  “What’s the Catch?” What do you do with free drink coupons that are about to expire that you can’t use? (they were for Southwest, but I was flying Sun Country earlier this month). Give ’em to somebody else. Drink Coupons and Gift Horses, or, “Take My Wife Free Drinks, Please”* I walked over a...
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“There’s No Free Lunch (or Company Cafeteria, or Medical Care, or Health Club, or Child Care or . . . . . )”

Google + Facebook + Twitter = “The Circle”: The Life of a Corporate “Thought Guinea Pig” (“Mind Slave?”) “What matters, counts, and what is counted, matters.” –old saying “Whatever is counted  . . . can be bought and sold.” –21st century update Las Vegas just has designs on its customers’ wallets. Google wants people’s souls,...
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Realtor Rewards

Who Says There’s No Free Lunch (and Prizes, Too)? To stimulate turnout at Broker Opens, Realtors will often offer a prize of some sort. So, I’ve seen Twins tickets, gift certificates, restaurant coupons etc. given to whomever lucky Realtor had their business card plucked from the bowl. The (occasional) caveat:  some Realtors only give away the prize...
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No More Free Lunch — Really

It’s not exactly true that “there’s no free lunch”; if you’re a Realtor, you could almost always count on at least a few homes on the Tuesday Broker tour having some sort of spread. Well, not today, and very little lately, generally — not even at upper bracket properties where putting out a lunch is...
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The Trickle-Down Case for Indulging Wall Street

Colbert Interview with Eliot Spitzer I’m not a Stephen Colbert regular, but I did catch his interview the other night with “disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer” (that’s now Spitzer’s official moniker, by the way). Colbert’s cut-to the chase question: even if Wall Street is full of inept crooks and greedheads, as most everyone...
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