Foreclosure shenanigans

"How to File an Ethics Complaint"

By Popular Demand? The first item in today’s online newsletter from the Minnesota Association of Realtors is a YouTube video titled, “Filing an Ethics Complaint.” Quick Summary: it’s easier than you think. Two educated guesses: 1) there are a lot of seething Realtors (and non-Realtors) out there at the moment; 2) the vast majority are...
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What Offers Did the Banks See?

More B.S. (“Bait & Switch”) from the Foreclosure Banks The water cooler is long gone, but that doesn’t mean Realtors don’t engage in “water cooler talk.” One of the hottest topics at the moment is foreclosures. Here’s how it appears to the (above) average Realtor — OK, me — who’s had some passing involvement representing...
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