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How to Choose a Real Estate Broker in 2019

Why a Realtor Team May Not Be the Best Choice for Buyers “If you’re looking for a heart surgeon, no one says, ‘Oh, Dr. Smith is so nice. Go to him. He just got into the business.’ But, you hear that a lot in real estate.” –“Finding the Right Broker Can Be the Key to...
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Ross Kaplan Pledge: “If I’m Not the Best Realtor to Help You Buy or Sell Your Home . . . I’ll Find the Realtor Who Is — Anywhere in the U.S.”

Local Expert, National Connections I don’t sell homes in Washington D.C., Manhattan, Chicago, or Tucson, Arizona. But, I’ve helped clients buy and sell properties in all those places. How? By tapping into Edina Realty’s national relocation network, to find agents who specialize in those areas. “Jack (Jill?) of All Trades = Master of None” Closer...
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