On Blake Road, But Not ON Blake Road

How to Make a Busy Street Disappear A location on a busy street need not be a dealbreaker. If you’re dubious, consider 5600 Blake Road in Edina’s gorgeous Parkwood Knolls neighborhood, listed by Edina Realty’s Matt Lill. I count no fewer than five ways the owner and their builder are minimizing the proximity of a busy...
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Global Warming & the (MN) Housing Market

Minnesota: Global Warming Winner As Minnesotans enjoy a record-warm early November, one can at least daydream about what shorter, milder winters might mean for the local housing market (local farmers can already attest to the delayed frosts and earlier thaws — this year’s first hard freeze in the Twin Cities was late October!). Here are...
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What’s Selling . . . East Edina

Where: 4617 Tower St.What: 5 BR/5 Bath new construction by Elevation (division of Streeter)How much: $1.2 million asking priceWhen: sold in one day earlier this month (with more buyers reportedly waiting in the wings).Who: listed by Marian Peterson and Noelle Varecka of Edina Realty It’s not hard to tell what the Buyer liked about this...
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Housing Trend 2010: Grand(er) Entries

From More Square Feet to More Volume, Cont. I’ve discussed previously the trend toward homes not necessarily with more square feet, but more “volume” (higher ceilings, more and larger windows, wider stairs and halls, etc. — see, “Not More Square Feet, More per Square Foot“; “Cranking Up the Volume“). That trend applies to the exterior...
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