duty of loyalty

“The Goldman Sachs Risk”: Sheep, Wolves — and German Shepherds

Why “Fiduciary Duty” Has Two Prongs, Not Just One [Editor’s Note:  The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, or any other entity referenced.] Even people familiar with the term “fiduciary duty” often don’t realize that it consists of two duties, not just one:  1)...
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Professionals Subject to a Fiduciary Duty: Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants AND REALTORS(!)

Realtors, Too (Don’t Forget About Realtors) “In a new lawsuit, the Chamber of Commerce is seeking to prevent the government from holding retirement advisers to the same standard as doctors, lawyers or accountants ” known as a “fiduciary” standard ” which requires people in positions of trust to always act in their client’s best interest.”...
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